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These are all the Frequently Asked Questions of Dead Frontier.
If you are puzzled about something you will most certainly find your answer here.
If you have more questions you think this section needs, post them here and I will add them to the list.

Q: Can I share my account with someone else? (i.e. little brothers etc)
A: Account sharing of any kind is completely forbidden by the Rules of Dead Frontier.

Q: Can I make multiple accounts?
A: You can make as many accounts as you wish, but you are only allowed to create one account per day.

Q: Does my account stay forever?
A: Accounts who have bought credits (any amount) or Gold Membership are safe from auto-deletion upon making the purchase.
Accounts who haven't bought anything will be deleted according to this system:
Level 1 - 10 accounts get deleted after 7 weeks of inactivity.
Level 11 - 20 accounts get deleted after 11 weeks of inactivity.
Level 21 - 30 accounts get deleted after 15 weeks of inactivity.
Level 31 - 40 accounts get deleted after 19 weeks of inactivity.
Level 41 - 50 accounts get deleted after 23 weeks of inactivity.
Level 51 - 200 accounts are safe from auto-deletion.

Q: How do I improve my account's security?
A: Go to My Profile -> Edit Account Settings.
Password field. The usage of lengthy alphanumerical passwords containing a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters is the best protection.
Also use the Secret Question; make sure the answer also contains an alphanumerical mix of uppercase and lowercase letters.
The aforementioned is due to the fact most password-breakers use a "dictionary attack", basically they keep typing in all the known words until they get your password: by using this method you prevent this.

Q: I forgot my access data! What do I do?
A: Click on the "forgot your password" button in the login screen and it will send a mail to your e-mail account with instruction on how to reset your password.
Note that if you also forgot your mail access data you are most likely screwed: you may try to contact Admin by filing a Support Ticket but you'll have to prove him you are the real owner of the account somehow.

Q: I want to delete my account, can this be done?
A: Accounts cannot be deleted unless you request it to Admin through a Support Ticket. If you just want to use the same name you could also buy a Surgeon from the Credit Shop and change the name of your character to something else so you can re-use the name.

Q: A friend is asking me to try out my account but I fear I will get banned for account sharing.
A: It doesn't matter how much you retain a person a "friend", never give your account data to anyone for any reason.

Q: They hacked my account! What can I do?
A: File a Support Ticket to Admin and provide all of the informations to prove you are the real owner.
The Staff doesn't take responsibility for your account's safety: if you get hacked you most likely made a vulnerable account so your only hope is to catch Admin in good mood and hope he restores your stuff.


Q: I have graphical/audio/internet/access problems running the game, what should I do?
A: You should first read this, if no solution is found post a thread in Technical Problems Forum, and wait for some official help in there.
If no solution is found there too, file a Support Ticket to Admin.

Q: I have a Mac/Linux, can I play Dead Frontier?
A: Dead Frontier does not support Linux system, but you can play DF by using a Windows emulator.
It can be played on Mac although it's kinda slow and the minimap is glitchy, see this thread for more infos.

Q: My map/inventory won't open, what do I do?
A: Your browser is probably set to block popups. Allow your browser to open popups from fairview.deadfronti and everything should be fine.

Q: The game caused damages to my PC, what should I do?
A: The game cannot cause damages to your PC, but if you retain so keep in mind that Admin cannot be held responsible for any damage to your computer and you have agreed the Terms of Services which states so.

Q: I have bought Credits / Gold Membeship, but I still haven't got anything in-game. What do?
A: Patience. Many other players make the same request every day and multiple times. You are in queue.
You may send Admin a Support Ticket if it takes too long, and explain him your situation.

Q: I have received my GM but not the complementary Credits, what do?
A: It's a bug that sometimes happens. Wait a bit to see if they arrive, else file a Support Ticket and explain your situation.

Q: The amount of credits I have received does not correspond to the credits I have actually bought. Why?
A: Very rare bug, will be fixed by Admin by sending a Support Ticket.

Q: Why can't I pay with X system?
A: You can only pay with the systems Admin officially uses.

Q: Any other advice when dealing with real currency and Dead Frontier?
A: Keep all your receipts and download the pages that confirm your purchases.

Q: Can I delete my character?
A: Just like accounts, characters cannot be deleted. You may be lucky by seinding a Support Ticket about this and Admin may do it for you.
If you just want to use the same name you could also buy a Surgeon from the Credit Shop and change the name of your character to something else so you can re-use the name.

Q: Can I make multiple characters?
A: You can have as many characters as you want.

Q: Can I change my class/name/stats/gender?
A: The Credit Shop features different products which you can purchase to change these things.

Q: Does my look affect anything in-game?
A: Nothing beside appearance.

Q: Can I use my class' services while in-game on others?
A: No, but you can use them on yourself assuming you meet the requirements.

Q: What are the classes of Dead Frontier?
A: You can find an in-depth analisys of every class on my guide.

Q: Which is the best class?
A: There is no "best", it depends on what you want to be or do.
Stat-Boosting classes are much better at looting than any other class due to high starting stats.
Production classes are money-making classes who create a little amount of items to earn you a little amount of cash without effort.
Service classes are money-making classes who can offer unlimited services and earn you cash depending on the effort you put in selling services.
Roleplaying classes have a large bonus to experience gain, but still inferior to Stat-Boosting classes when it comes to gameplay; their advantage is to let you win Top Survivor easier and reach high levels so that you can then switch to Stat-Boosting classes.

Q: What class should I make?
A: Every class suits a different playstyle so you may choose your class according to how you want to play the game.
If you want to be strong and loot, Stat-Boosting classes all the way.
If you want to make little money effortlessly, make a Production class.
If you want to make money through selling services and put effort in it, go with Service classes.
If you want to win Top Survivor easier, go with Roleplaying classes.

Q: Some classes have starting weapons and cash, should I choose my class to get those items?
A: The starting items are the weakest versions of the weapon category and will be replaced after your first level or two; it's not good to choose a class basing on that.

Q: Do class bonuses stack? As in, a Boxer starts with 20 bonus Strength so I can reach 120 Strength?
A: No, the stat gaps are the same for everyone, you only get the points as bonuses. Same goes for proficiency.

Q: What's more important between bonus proficiency and bonus stats?
A: Stats are way more important because you only get 1 after lvl 50 and generally you need them all and they are never enough.
Proficiency bonus is ok but really negligible since you don't need more than 2-3 lvl 100 weapons in Dead Frontier.

Q: What do stats do? How much I need of each?
A: Stats have very specific function which can be read in my guide.
It's advised that you know what they do before filling them in.

Q: What stat should I raise first?
A: This depends on the build: most builds have the same stat sequency but some don't.
Generally speaking, the first stat to raise is Critical with the goal to maximize the critical chance of your weapon, then Agility immediately because it's fundamental stat to loot you cannot skip over, then it's Reloading if you use guns else follow with Strength (if you are doing a build that requires it) or Accuracy, Endurance last.
If you are puzzled why Endurance is best left last it's because this stat does not give noticiable advantages unless you put a big chunk of stats in it, and prior to that you should get everything else you need in.

Q: Where should I put my stats?
A: In Dead Frontier it's very fundamental to put stats in correctly, by following a build template. Spreading stats is always a bad idea for multiple reasons. 
My guide contains every efficient build in the game, there is one for every taste: pick your favorite one from there.

Q: I did a mistake and put my stats in the wrong place, what do I do?
A: Depending on the weight of your mistake, you may want to buy a Stat Reset sooner or later.
We all had a stat reset at some point and chances are you will too.

Q: But why there are builds, can't we do whatever we want? I want to be different.
A: Dead Frontier is a game and it's made of codes. Sadly it doesn't allow the "whatever works" kind of game, but I have discovered dozens of different builds so that you'll always be original.
It's not possible to be completely unique and still be efficient in the game, Dead Frontier is a videogame and works like this, that's it.
Considering DF features dozens of builds and weapons, along with clothes, we can say the game has a LOT of variety already.

Q: How do I buy a Gold Membership? 
A: Go in the Credit Shop and click on Buy Membership.
You can buy a monthly subscription (it will auto-renew every month unless you stop it by requesting it) or you can buy 6 months / 1 year packages.

Q: What does the Gold Membership do?
A: You can read everything about what it does here.

Q: Why should I buy the Gold Membership?
A: For a cheap 8 dollars you get a better loot table and higher loot rates along with the ability to loot level 100 weapons: this means you'll aquire currency faster.
You also get twice the experience which means you will level faster through the game and win Top Survivor easier; your death timer will only last 5 seconds vs 2 minutes.
Additionally, you will get 200 credits per month of GM; note that if you buy 6 months / 1 year packages you will get 1200 and 2400 credits respectively immediately.

Q: Is the Gold Membership a "need" in Dead Frontier?
A: Certainly not; without Gold membership you'll get less loot and experience, but you can still earn everything everyone has without GM.
It will require more effort, but in the end if you don't want to pay 8 dollars to support the game, you are supposed to make up for that with effort.
you can also only buy one month when you go for Top Survivor and don't renew it.
Note that no level 100 weapon loots have been reported by non-GMs, but you can still make enough money to buy any gear.

Q: Can I buy Gold Membership from other players?
A: Currently you cannot trade Gold Memberships legally as the seller would have to enter your account to buy it. 
Trading in-game items for real life currency (such as giving 500 creds to a player for a UGC code, paypal transaction etc to buy you a GM) is illegal, so is having the player enter your account to buy you a GM (account sharing is illegal).
The only legal way is that he gifts you a GM, which doesn't imply a trade.
You may then "gift" him 500 credits, but Admin may or may not tolerate this.

Q: What are the perks of the Gold Membership forums?
A: Nothing special, beside you have slightly more chance that an Admin will answer your threads.
This doesn't mean you should abuse this to harass him, though.

Q: What does "priority technical support" mean?
A: When you file a Support Ticket, depending from your GM or non-GM status your e-mail will be sent to a different folder in Admin's e-mail.
Admin reads the GM folder first, and will deal with their problems before dealing with yours.
This doesn't mean a non-GM will not get answers: you will, but it can take up to a few days depending on the weight of your problem.

Q: Do GMs really get to see new stuff before? And how does that happen?
A: Yes, GMs usually see new stuff one month before it's out; you will help Admin test the new stuff and also see that stuff before non-GMs thus having this advantage. 

Q: Do GMs receive any special treatment or bonus beside those listen?
A: No, in any way or form.

Q: Are the new Epic Level weapons lootable?
Admin said they are.

Q: How do weapons work in Dead Frontier?
A: They work differently compared to real life counterparts due to roleplay, balancing and coding reasons.
The most in-depth explanation about weapons can be found in my guide.

Q: What's the difference between Battle Axe and Katana?
A: They are exactly the same (beside the appearance obviously).
Same damage, same critical chance, same range, same aggro drawn (none), same attack speed.
There is no difference beside the skin.

Q: Does this weapon have a longer reach than this?
A: All blades and blunts have the same reach. 
Knives have shorter reach and it's equal for every knife.

Q: Can I mix every weapon?
A: Virtually, yes. Realistically, no. Weapons are made to pair with other specific types of weapons and don't all fit together.
For instance, Pistols and Rifles are very similar and serve the same purpose so using both is a waste of proficiency and weapon slot.
Other weapons have very different stat requirements, i.e. Shotguns and Sub-Machineguns can't fit in one build without a very high level and a huge loss of stats; weapons are made to fit in particular builds so don't just grab 3 weapons randomly but make a plan.

Q: How do I know weapon damages, reloading needed, accuracy and all?
A: In my guide you can find all about this and more.

Q: When do I get my daily Ghost Ammo? When do the Records lists update?
A: Ghost Ammo and lists usually reset at 3:00am EST.

Q: Do some weapons have hidden damage multipliers?
A: Yes. Against players Blades and Blunts deal 3x damage, Chainsaws deal 2x damage and Ranged weapons deal half.
There are also other minor modifiers but they are hidden and we are not let known about them.

Q: Is accuracy really needed? 
A: Accuracy is not a need but a want. Indeed it's a good idea to stack accuracy once all stats but Endurance are done.
Depending on your playstyle you might want to use low accuracy weapons in closed range to make accuracy negligible, or you might want to raise your accuracy to snipe from afar.

Q: Is instant reloading really needed?
A: In a PvE enviroment it is HIGHLY recommended because DPS, survivability and crowd control depend on having instant reloading.
The only weapons you might not want to get instant reload to are HMGs with very high bullet capacity, but it is still recommended to have a high reloading value.

Q: I know there are unique custom items, how do I get them?
A: To get custom items you have to dump a big chunk of real life money to Admin. There is no other way.

Q: I've seen Limited Edition item such as the Amputator and GAU-19, how do I buy them?
A: The only way to aquire them is from players.

Q: Are all weapons lootable?
A: Yes, with the exception of all Custom weapons, Limited Edition weapons, Credit Shop-only weapons and Dusk weapons.
Note that non-GMs haven't reported looting a lvl 100 weapon so far so this might be added to the lists as well.

Q: Do I need a GAU-19 to succeed?
A: The game can be completely beaten with a 124 agility guy with a Shovel. 
In PvP melee is stronger than GAU-19.
While going for Top Survivor, an XM25 earns more experience than a GAU-19.
In the end no, you don't need a GAU-19 to succeed, by any means.

Q: Where do I loot this item?
A: DF loot is based on zones: each zones has different loot tables.
It doesn't matter what kind of object you loot as well, from each object you get the same random calculation that determines your item based on the loot table.
Bosses sometimes are lootables and will give weapons or armors.

Q: Where do I buy and sell items?
A: You can buy and sell items in the Marketplace, located in every Outpost.

Q: Why does this medical item / food item heal/nourish me less than it used to?
A: Foods and meds are level-capped. Once your level is above the item's level range, you get less heal/nourishment.

Q: Can my Nourishment or Health go beyond 100%? 
A: No. Even if you eat 2 foods that give you 60% each your Nourishment will still cap at 100%: same with Health.

Q: Secronom Card, Tattered Pages, Rusty Key, Severed Hard, Torn Diary, Old Dairy, Discontinued food: what is their purpose?
A: These items have absolutely no purpose nor give any bonus; they were put in the game because Admin had some plan that got deleted but he didn't remove the items.

Q: Wooden Planks and Nails: does this mean we can barricade?
A: Yes but Barricading is not implemented yet in 3D.

Q: How does an Armour work?
A: Armor has two stats: Damage Reduction and Durability. It's easily explained with an example.
Your armour's damage reduction is 50% and durability is 200.
A zombie hits you for 100 damage. Armour absorbs 50% (Damage Reduction) of the damage and that damage is dealt to the Durability instead of Health.
So you will get 50 Health damage and 50 Durability damage.

Q: Clothing: what's its purpose?
A: Clothing doesn't do anything beside changing the appearance of your character.

Q: Scrapping Items: Can I have more infos on this?
A: This page contains everything there is to know about scrapping.

Q: Does the color of an item change its value?
A: Yes, but there isn't a fixed scheme. Generally speaking, Black and White are the most looked-forward colors but it's very item-dependant.

Q: "Non-transferable", what does this mean?
A: Items with such a description cannot be traded by any means.

Q: Where is the market?
A: It's located in every Outpost.

Q: What should I price this item?
A: Check what others Items are worth and base your price on that.

Q: Can I aquire money by just marketing?
A: Yes, but not nearly as much as you would make looting.

Q: Can I trade Items for other Items or for Credits? As in, barter?
A: The game does not support this so far. One person must send first, and this is a risk.
Some people do the "middle-man" service but that's about it.

Q: I accidentally sold an Item with less zeros and now it's gone, what should I do?
A: Politely ask the person to give it back, if he doesn't you have no right to complain: it was your fault.

Q: People are undercutting me, what do I do?
A: It's not recommended to undercut by great amounts, undercutting by 1 dollar is enough.

Q: A player is offering items/credits for my item, what do I do?
A: Ask him to send first or use a middle-man you trust. Most multiple-items trades are bad trades, tho.

Q: In what order do items appear in the Market?
A: Cheapest to most expensive.

Q: Can I trade from everyone from any Market?
A: Markets are zone-based. Fort Pastor Market can't trade with Nastya's Market and vice versa.

Q: What are the rules of the forum?
A: As a general rule, use good grammar, punctuation and syntax. Even if you are a non-english speaker try your best. Bad writers are immediately deemed as kids.
More over, read the official rules and abide by all of them.

Q: Is there a Forum Search function?
A: It used to exist but got removed because it caused server lag.

Q: Where should I post X?
A: General DF-related threads go in Dead Frontier Discussion, Guides go in Tips and Tactics, Questions go in Questions and Assistance, and so on.
Don't post threads in the wrong forums: if you do it by mistake it's no big problem but always try to do it right.

Q: A player is attacking me on the forums, what do I do?
A: Ignoring and reporting are the best ways to deal with this.
Believe it or not, there isn't just "normal" people behind the computers, computers are available to losers as well.
Those guys will always try to create fuss, insult, provoke you.
By ignoring them you show you are the mature guy, and by reporting them continuously the Admins and Mods will realize that person is a trublesome person and they will deal with him.

Q: Can I post in Clan Threads?
A: Only if they personally invite you, else it's from harassing up to a bannable offense.

Q: I want to make a guide, any advice?
A: First of all, note that unless a guide gets stickied, it WILL be deleted with time.
For this reason it's completely pointless to make short guides, non-deep guides, or simply guides that copy another pre-existant guide.
Also note that using proper grammar and punctuation is a must, and especially people expect an expert to write guides not a newbie: a newbie writing guides will be flamed rightfully.

Q: I have an Idea or Suggestion, what do I do?
A: Post it in Idead & Suggestions forums: even if you think Admin never reads there, the post will still be moved there so just create it there.

Q: How can I change my graphic settings? 
A: Once in-game press F1. After 10 seconds a menu will appear, click options and you'll be able to change different options.

Q: Can I move pieces of the HUD?
A: Not yet.

Q: Can I bind actions to different keys from the default ones?
A: Yes, but not officially: you will need a keybinding software or manually edit the windows registry.

Q: I want to hide to hud, how to do that?
A: Press "H" to hide, and "H" again to show it again.

Q: How do I take screenshots?
A: Use the Stamp / PrntScrn button on your keyboard, open a img file and use the "paste" command (or CTRL+V shortcut).

Q: How do I kill X boss? How do I loot? Where do I loot? 
A: All in my guide.

Q: Where are Missions?
A: Missions are not available for 3D and will probably be re-added later on.

Q: How is the OA bonus calculated? Does class/GM bonuses affect this?
A: The OA bonus is calculated by the number of zeds killed multiplied by a fixed number that depends on the outcome of the OA itself.
As such, GM and class have no effect whatsoever on this.

Q: What's the use of Nails, Claw Hammer and Wooden Planks? Can I barricade? Are the interiors?
A: We used to have barricading in 2D but it's not done for 3D yet.
It will hopefully come out with the Interior update; we are not let known when and if that will happen.

Q: Does something affect loot rates? I think that doing X might improve/decrease my chances.
A: Admin clearly stated that:
Every GM, in any situation or status, has the same chances as all other GMs.
Every non-GM, in any situation or status, has the same chances as all other non-GMs.

Q: The game is too hard what do I do?
A: The game has never been hard and never have been. You have to put pride aside and realize that you need to train/gear up more.
The game in its current state can be easily and safely "beaten" by a lvl 20-30 with a Shovel.
The point is that you need knowledge and skill to do so: knowledge can be gotten by reading my guide, skill comes through playing.

Q: I'm broke, on Critical health and can't loot because zombies kill me. What do I do?
A: Don't beg, don't use the Gambling Den, don't, don't. don't.
Just go out and try again until you get medicals: this game is meant to be harsh in the early levels.
You might also want to go back to earlier zones if you think you can't handle your new zone.

Q: How do I chat?
A: Use Tab to open and close your chat window: use Enter to send messages from the Tab window.

Q: What is aggro?
A: Aggro is a "danger level" coded in the game that spawns zombies around you when different things happen.
It lasts a bit, then everything settles down.

Q: When does aggro happen?
A: Aggro happens in different forms:
- Timed aggro: there is a timer in the game after which you'll get aggro: no way to escape this.
- Inventory/Map aggro: opening the inventory or map causes aggro to prevent people from abusing this function to get rid of zombies.
- Loud guns aggro: loud guns (any gun beside Rifles and Pistols) will cause aggro.
- Silent guns aggro: Silent guns (Rifles and Pistols) will cause the zombies which you can see on your screen to chase you. Other zombies won't hear you.

Q: Is there a place where aggro happens to often or there is higher base aggro?
A: No. It's been speculated but simple testing reveals you can get no aggro for a whole hour in both DR and Nastya's, and max aggro in both DR and Nastya.

Q: Does aggro affect loot rates or something?
A: Aggro affects nothing beside your danger level, anything outside this is a speculation that Admin denied.

Q: Should I use the Gambling Den?
A: You have 33% chance of winning. By using "methods" you can get some money and decrease the risk of losing big chunks down to 0.1%, but it's still 1 loss on 1000 games.
You cannot beat the gambling den, you cannot get rich through the gambling den and especially the queen is not where you actually see it go but it's placed randomly by code so following it is completely useless.

Q: What's the Arena?
A: In the arena you fight players without worrying about healing and repairing armor since upon death they recover to where they were before you entered the arena.
You can get PvP points that count toward Top Player Killer.

Q: Is it worth it to increase storage slots?
A: Yes, in the long run, but not a need. You can use the selling list as a storage by pricing stuff millions.

Q: When does the Outpost Attack happen?
It's random, and will remain so. Note that OA timers are in the Do Not Suggest List so Admin most likely does not like it.