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                                              drlp.pngThe Death Row Looting Party

It all started when Gregg Stevens, our leader, transformed his looting party into a Clan; in the beginning we only used to take people who already owned top-notch equipment but with times we realized such people will get bored of the game and so decided to have a clan with both geared players and fresh skilled looters.

Honorable Achievements

This is the list of achievements that made DRLP well-known and successful:

  • We created the most read, complete and accurate guide in the game.
  • Our wise members help people daily since 2008 by answering their questions about the game.
  • Gregg Stevens was the first to reach level 200 in the game (in 2D, when levelling was still 10x harder).
  • Gregg is also the only person able to win both Top Survivor and Top Player Killer and hold everyone off both for multiple weeks.
  • I and Gregg won the two "helicopter race" events made by AdminPwn; we were able to scout the map and find the Helicopters in minutes.
  • We have many famous looters who have looted every item in the game and proved to be able to kill the strongest bosses with a Pen Knife.
  • We are possibly the largest community in Dead Frontier, counting more than 50 -active- members.
  • We continue to fight unfairness and game-ruining exploits some people do from time to time, in order to keep the game clean and fair.
  • We provide a safe home for mature players who want to have a healthy fun with trustable friends.

Our Code of Honor

DRLP members are famous for being reliable and honest people.

Infact, we despise people who achieve goals in shady ways such as huge donations and corruption.

We respect and are very friendly with people who know about respect, honor and sincerity, but we have no respect whatsoever for those who betray, exploit, corrupt and ruin the game.

Another core aspect of DRLP is that you are free to disagree and post your opinion in a respectful manner; this is quite rare as most old clans, especially VOID, require you to not only completely agree with anything they say and decide like a brainless zombie but also ask you to support every action they do regardless if the action is defamatory, disrespectful, harmful or simply wrong.

The goal of DRLP is to be a group of realiable, sincere friend to play with and have fun, and provide a safe house for those who are tired of seeing elitism, arrogance, hating and such fun-breaking, childish behaviors.

Our Motto

Our motto has three sentences that all have a specific meaning.

The Age of a New Era

This represents the end of the old DRLP policy when we limited our access to GAU-owners only, and decided to prioritize player skill and person's maturity as the core requirements for joining over mere level and equipment.

The Brink of Success

DRLP proved to be the only clan able to train skilled players into Elites by giving them the means to achieve such goal.

DRLP has three level of success; the Recruits, those players who are still new and untrained but have proved to have great skills, the Ascenders who work their way to become Elites and finally, the Elites, those who have proved themselves to be great players and work their way up to an even greater extent of success.

The Home of the Elites

There are many players who have high levels and epic (or even custom) gear but since they got everything with real money and when it comes to prove their abilities they end up failing completely. The only real Elites are those who worked for it, and DRLP is the home for these people.

About me

Many people contact me to know about me, who I am, why I do what I do and such, so I'll answer the most frequently asked question.

My name is Fabio. :) 

I'm 24 years old and I work as a Paramedic.

My story in Dead Frontier

I joined Dead Frontier in May 2008, when the game was just launched and that's when I got to know Gregg Stevens and DRLP; I beta tested the first few months of gameplay and helped AdminPwn to pay the servers by buying his downloadable games.

After a few months I've been sent a mail by DF saying there were new updates so I checked in and realized my character was gone (Neil implemented auto-deletion during my absence) but I was too hyped up to not create a character and play again, and so I did.

The birth of the Guide.

I've always been a helpful person so I passed my days answering questions in the Questions & Assistance forum and discovering unrevealed game mechanics, up to a point where I acknowledged everything about the game.

One day in 2009 I was a pissed by the fact people always asked the same questions even though I answered them all daily, at the point I created a notepad file where I could copy and paste the same answer; Vengeance1st, another old player, told me "Why don't you simply pack a guide with everything you know? So you won't have to bother saying the same things every day", and I started the guide.

At first it was called "In-depth Guide to Dead Frontier" and contained all the informations about the game but lacked the graphics it has now as I still didn't know how to use graphic-making softwares.

Community Reactions

Everyone loved the fact they could learn everything about DF from a single thread and the guide became famous and well-known up to a point where the amount of people having to restart their characters due to mistakes, or simply people who never understood certain things, reduced drastically.

With time the guide improved (it's rumored that now it has its own life and updates itself) day by day until it became officially The Ultimate Guide to Dead Frontier.

At this point I receive tons of mail, ranging from kind "thank you" messages to people astonished I put up all that work alone without being paid.

I then stopped replying all messages as I receive way too many for providing a sincere answer to everyone (I don't like those fake, fast messages...) so I made it clear that I read the message but don't answer for obvious reasons.


Sadly there weren't only positive reactions; a handful of self-proclaimed "elites" (although it's well-known they got their items through credit card), were actually pissed people liked my -real- experience and knowledge over their arrogant elitism and so they casted some general flames to the guide  but have never been able to make a real point against it; infact, they stopped posting upon being asked to prove their point.

This jealousy grew up to the point one of them made his own guide by stealing informations from both my guide and the Wiki (the charts he initially put in his guide matched mine in filesize and even graphical mistakes, and most of the guide's sentences matched WIki's descriptions word by word). 


He promptly changed them to different words/reskinned then charts when the fact he copied was revealed and proved, but it was too late as everyone had realized the real reasons for the creation of said "guide".

The guide itself has very few readers and contains poor informations, elitism, bias and most of it is"filler info", aka useless, basic informations added with the sole purpose of giving a sense that the guide is long and informative.

Other than this poor, unsuccessful attempt there was no criticism.

The End of the guide

As many have witnessed, void was finally able to corrupt the moderation into banning us for no reason and with no proofs whatsoever.

Not that I expected professionalism by an indie game, but I didn't expect this kind of censorship and fascism either.

Whatever, DRLP has other games to play and take care of :)