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This is officially the most in-depth, updated, accurate and complete guide in the game.
It's created and continuously updated by the best looting clan in the game: DRLP.
According to the Top 10 Topics chart, this guide and DRLP thread are - by far - the most looked forward things in the game: distrust from mediocre rip-offs and imitations.

This guide is the best for any kind of player, from the very new one to the endgame one.
It will take a long while to read it all, but i'm sure you want to be one of the 160,000+ players who became successful with it.
Every information on this guide has been exhaustively and accurately tested by hand, to give you the most reliable and factual information possible and let you play at your maximum efficiency.
Also see my Ultimate FAQ of Dead Frontier for answer to frequently asked questions.
If you are unsure of what a term I used means, check the Terminology section at the bottom of the guide.
Also, you might have to reload this page multiple times before your PC is able to download all the images of the guide.

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  • If your character is already screwed it's totally worth to restart without thinking twice because the drawbacks of continuing a screwed-up character are a big burden later on.
  • Pistols and Rifles must NOT be used in the same build, since they are basically the same thing.
  • Do not use Machine Guns or Chainsaws as your main weapon, they are backup weapons meant to be used in "oh-shit" situations.
  • For basic infos about the game and answers to common questions check the game's Wikiand the tutorial. Wiki is not reliable for many things (such as weapon damages) but it contains all of the very basic infos you'll need.
  • Avoid getting hacked or scammed! Click here for a comprehensive guide to avoid being ripped off.
  • Everything in the game can be done with normal weapons.
    Having a GAU doesn't make you better, just allows you to kill faster: if you hear a person crying that GAU users have an advantage, that person has terrible skills.
    Skill and knowledge are what dictates what you can do and what you can't.
    Once you have mastered the game tactics and gathered some crappy gear you can do anything.
    Anyone stating otherwise is bullshitting you big time.

If you are new, this part of the guide will enlight you about the basic, yet most important things about DF.

Do not start playing right away! 
I know you want to kill something but yhis is a RPG game not an hack 'n slash so you can't just go outside and mash your buttons; some choices are permanent (or hugely expensive to fix), so it's completely worth it to smell your meal before eating.
First off, to grasp the very basics of the game, read the game's Wiki and the tutorial
If you haven't already, change your password to something with 1 capital letter and numbers, such as "Mtray183"; if you use a weak password your account will be hacked.
Then you have to create a character.
The class you will choose will have a BIG effect on your gameplay, class choice is probably one of the most important steps on this game so choose carefully.
I strongly recommend the Athlete and the Soldier, they are absolutely the best classes for every purpose.
Now the first thing you have to do is planning a build.
Scroll down to the "Effective Build Templates" part of my guide and choose a build you like, eventually ask me by posting here if you need enlightment on the build choice.
Now the boring part is done, you can finally start playing!

Scrap the pen knife in the Yard and buy yourself a baseball bat, then join
the game in Multiplayer and get some levels by killing zombies and doing Outpost Attacks. 
It's a good idea to partecipate OAs and simply stand where zombies are without necessarily killing them; guards will kill them for you and give you exp.
You can also start looting the nearby zone, to make some starting cash.

Once you've gotten the first levels I recommend moving to Precinct 13.
I don't recommend going to Fort Pastor since the nearby zone is full of Tendrils and Spiders which you cannot fight properly.
The walk is not hard (I did it on lvl 1s), but if you get aggro and especially Tendrils/Spiders, don't be afraid to close your browser and restart.
In P13 you can get many levels by simply grinding with other people in the nearby blocks: you'll be lvl 20 in no time.
If you need money go on single player and loot the zone; you can find items worth $500 and cash around, which should let you buy everything you need.
Upon hitting lvl 20 you should also have a good enough build to loot a bit deeper and get more valuable items: it's recommended that you use Melee or Pistols/Rifles while looting, to avoid getting swarmed.
Get a decent armor, such as the Mesh RX-2, with decent MC stats such as 18/18.
Improve your weapons gradually, always prioritizing primary weapons over secondary ones.
Once you are around level 30 and have aquired some decent gear, move to Fort Pastor.

Now things will get a bit difficult, you will die, and you will rage.
Around Fort Pastor you will meet Tendrils and Spiders and you'll have to learn to deal with them (see my Bestiary for tactics).
Once you think you can handle them just fine you can move further in the city and go for Death Row: you will loot here to get cash and experience so you can get superior gear to deal with aggro.
Note that if you need to go back to FP it's a good idea to get killed by a player so that you don't lose the exp you have gained.

From now on you are not a newbie anymore so refer to the rest of my guide.
I have few advices from my experience that might help you, though:
  • Patience is the most fundamental trait in Dead Frontier.
  • Always have short-term goals over long-term ones.
  • Don't be rude to new players as you have been new too; help them.
  • Try to be always mature and respectful with everyone.
  • Honesty will get you respected by many good players, and hated by few meaningless haters; immaturity, rudeness and elitism will lead to the opposite.

Let's start by saying every character gets 5 stats per level until lvl 50 at which point
you only get 1 stat per level.
This is the reason it's better to make a class with the highest stat boost possible,
because classes with lower stats will have to grind tons of level to complete a build
while the stat booster have his build ready and completed at lvl 50.

Stat-boosting classes are the strongest classes in the game.
They start with bonus stats; since after lvl 50 you only get 1 stat per level, this means they will always be X levels higher than other classes, were X is the sum of the total bonus points the class has. (i.e. a Soldier has 35 more stats than a Chef)

Production classes can create a little amount of items per day, and provide you with a little income.
You won't get rich in any way with this, a single loot route probably makes more money than 50 production classes.

A Farmer produces food once every day; depending on the level it produces different foods:
   •   Level 1 - 10 = Millet
   •   Level 11 - 20 = Seeds and Millet
   •   Level 21 - 30 = Potatoes, Rice and Seeds
   •   Level 31 - 40 = Eggs, Rice and Potatoes.
   •   Level 41 - 50 = Eggs, Fresh Meat and Fresh Vegetables
   •   Level 51+ = Fresh Meat and Fresh Vegetables

Scientists on the other hand produce these items according to their levels:
   •   Level 1 - 10 = Steri Strips and Plasters
   •   Level 11 - 20 = Antiseptic Sprays, Antibiotics, Steri Strips and Plasters
   •   Level 21 - 30 = Bandages, Antiseptic Sprays and Antibiotics
   •   Level 31 - 40 = Morphine and Bandages
   •   Level 41 - 50 = Nerotonin-2 and Morphine
   •   Level 51+ = Nerotonin-2 (occasionally morphine)

Note: Keep in mind that you must log in to create meds; if you don't log in your character does not create anything.
Also, if your character has starving hunger or critical health, he won't produce until feeded/healed.

Service classes can be hired by players to cook food (Chefs) administer medical items (Doctors) and repair armors (Engineers).

RP classes have a 30% experience bonus (from killing zeds only, other sources of exp are not improved).
While it may seem epic, when it comes to numbers these classes remain heavily impaired compared to stat-boosting ones because after lvl 50 they will still have up to 35 less stats, and their faster exp gain does not, mathematically, make up for it.
They are only worth making for winning TS easily, leveling a lot and then switching to a stat-boosting class, but that's if you can afford 1000 credits (800 for GMs) for the profession change.

Here I'll thoroughly explain you how stats work.

Health tells the damage you can take before dying, but there are a few important things to know about it, shown in this chart:

When Dead, the player will respawn at the last outpost he visited, and a penalty will be applied depending on whether the played died from PvE or PvP.

PvE Death Penalty
The Death Penalty is a malus applied to a player who died.
At level 1 the Revive Timer will be one minute long, increasing by 10 seconds every level up to a max of two minutes.
From lvl 1 to 10 the penalty is less harsh as the player will revive with 40% health, but from level 11 and above you revive with 10% health.
Any cash on the character will be lost; this can be avoided -to an extent- by using a Security Box.
Furthermore, 50% of the experience accumulated since you last left an outpost will be lost.

PvP Death Penalty
When dying in PvP the maximum Revival Timer is set to 2 minutes.  
This death does not affect Top Survival score and you also don't lose any exp you have accumulated.
The cash loss will still be applied.
It is a good idea to get killed by a player if you want to respawn at the outpost without walking.

Hunger affects the experience you get from killing zombies, according to this chart:

Hunger will go down over time, but only when you are logged in; exiting the Dead Frontier website will prevent you from losing nourishment.
If you are logged in and at an outpost, you will lose 1% nourishment every 30 minutes. 
If you are in the city, you will lose 1% nourishment every two minutes.

While Armor doesn't give any malus when damaged or even broken, from the moment it's broken any damage received will obviously be completely dealt to health; that's something you want to avoid.
Armor prevents you from taking a % of damage, depending on armor absorption and durability. 
For example, if your armor has 50% absorption and 100 durability and you receive 100 damage, 50% of that damage will go to health and 50% will go to durability.

Strength in this game is only used for a reason: it is a "requirement stat" for some armors and weapons.
If you are going to make a strength or hybrid build, you're going to raise it to 100.
If you are going for a critical build, do not raise it above 30 (or 50 if Grinder build) or you'll need a stat reset later.
It does not affect anything else (you may think with more Str you deal more damage with melee etc, but no, in DF it's just a "requirement stat").

Every point in Endurance gives 2 health points and makes you sprint a little longer.
This stat is the least important of all in PvE (unless you are a terribly unskilled player) so keep it last, while in PvP you want it maxed (124).

Agility increases your character's speed.
The recommended Agility is either 76 or 100, below this will lead to get hit and being generally inefficient. 
I recommend maxing it, to max your survivability and reduce the time you waste walking in the city.

Each weapon needs different accuracy to shoot accurately.
In 3D, you don't really need to raise accuracy for most weapon on a PvE-oriented build because the base 25 plus MCs (49 total) are enough to hit efficiently, except grenades which need a total of 80 points (56 base) to hit efficiently.
See the table below for better understanding.

Critical hits deal 5x the normal damage of a weapon and their chance has a limit depending on the type of Critical chance, as shown in the chart below:

Note: Shotguns and Explosive never critical. 
The maximum Critical Chance capped to 80%, it won't go any higher.

If you use guns, there is no point in not having instant-reload, for 2 reasons:
  • Instant Reload can save your life, because with low reloading you could get hit during the weapon reloading.
  • A weapon with Instant Reload does more damage per second than a weapon without it.

How do you get instant reloading?
Each reloading speed (stated in the weapon's descriptions) reaches instant reloading upon hitting the following amounts:

Note: The amount needed is also based on your particular build; for example, i'm fine with 91 Reloading since GAU has a big clip size and i don't want to spend 116 points to make it instant.
An Enforcer+K-50M build will have 91 total as well, since both weapons have fast reloading speed.
Some players want real instant and go with 116 but from experience 108 is generally enough for everything.

If you notice, all guns have different "Firing Speed" values in their tooltip, and melee weapons have "Attack Speed" values.
Note that these values are hardcored and fixed, aka all Slow Firing Speed guns have the same shooting speed, and likewise all Slow Attack Speed weapons have the same attack speed.
Refer to this chart to know how many shots/hits per second a weapon deals depending on its firing speed:

Note: Miniguns also have an unique feature called "Multiple bullets per shot".
Basically everytime you shoot one bullet with a Minigun, 3 will be actually fired (though only 1 of your ammo is used).
This means a Minigun shoots (12.24*3) = 36.72 bullets per second even though you are only using 12.24 of your ammo per second.
Due to this feature they have the highest crowd control and knockback in the game.

Where you place your stats will have a MAJOR effect in your entire time here.
If you think you can place stats randomly and still be efficient you are wrong and will end up screwed.
The following templates are the absolute best and most effective builds in the game, and will not only prevent you from being inefficient or impaired, but they will also maximize your efficiency and effectiveness.
Use this tool to make a preview of your build.
The "XX" value means "dump stat", the least important stat in a build.

Do your builds need GC stats? I'd rather waste more points!
This school of thinking is pretty common between bullheaded newbies and sadly it's the cancer of player helpers.
If you only add the perfect stats, you will only have to find decent MCs (+7 crit and rest can be +4) for the build to work.
You don't NEED +8s to work. Do. Not. Need.
So once you got those MCs (which is dead easy, I have them on my DFS alt after barely 3 days of playing with it casually) you just work your way up to +8s.
If you instead get everything with base stats... well you don't get everything with base stats unless you are level 200, so you'll be lacking stats and you will be playing with a terrible, inefficient, impaired, handicapped guy for months.
Even if you waste just a few points, you will need an expensive stat reset later or stick with a handicapped character.

Critical builds are the builds that require the least amount of stats to work, which means you can complete them sooner and generally have more stats to use.
They are also cheaper to both achieve and maintain, which makes them them a very good choice for new characters or simply non-rich people.
They are not nearly as strong as Assault Builds or Hybrid Builds, but they can be a relief for your wallet.

The best feature of Assault Builds is that most of them can be turned into Hybrid builds later by adding Strength, so if your goal is to achieve a fearsome hybrid this is where you should start from.

Hybrid builds are more stats-hungry and expensive to both achieve and maintain compared to critical builds, and they have the same firepower as Critical Builds (unless you have a GAU). 
The advantage of going Hybrid is being able to use 100 Strength Armors.
They will make it way harder for you to go on low health since such armors are aimed to absorb all damage to durability to protect health (whereas non-strength armors balance half and half), protection you from low health.
Note: It's not a good idea to start your character as hybrid.

To discover what are the best non-GAU pvp builds i crafted all the possible PvP builds and handed them to skilled players with the goal to win the weekly Top Player Killer title.
The following 4 builds were the ones that gave the best results, killing multiple GAU-using competitors and winning the title with a large advantage.

First off, not all weapons are efficient together, some are more efficient and some are inefficient (as in, they make you waste stats).
Refer to this table to know what are good combinations and what are bad ones.

I will now describe every weapon, and note the efficient sequence to use.
Note: The "Effective Weapon Sequence" is the best improvement sequence that allows you to skip over weak weapons and always have the best in your hands.

Note: Titanium Blades are still the best melee weapon you can get, even when compared to lvl 110 melee or Dusk melee.
Here is why:
1) TBs one-crit every normal zombie and they hit twice per second, while all others only hit 1.5 or 1 time per second.
2) Reds take 2 crits from every knife including Dusk Kris so TBs are a better choice; very slow melee is instead pretty much on par with TBs, except that if you get 3 non-crits with a Razor you'll waste 3 seconds while if you get 3 non-crits with TBs you'll have wasted only 1.5 sec.
3) TBs have no proficiency requirement so you can use them along with 3 other weapons.
4) TBs are a lot cheaper than Nodachi and Dusk Razor to obtain.
5) TBs allow you to handle zeds much more easier than any other melee; 2 medium knockbacks per second are better than 1 big knockback per second when it comes to save yourself.
6) DPS is largerly irrelevant for Melee.

Some players wonder why one should use Melee and Pistols/Rifles in the same builds since it sounds redundant to them as in 3D they are all silent weapons and serve the same purposes. 
This is not true by any means, right now Melee and Silent guns complement each other in many ways, a few examples:

When you want to use Melee instead of Rifle/Pistol:
- When the area around the lootable is crowded by mutated zeds you may not want to kill them all so you can sneak in with melee, kill a few zeds and get your loot
- Against zombies that are better killed with circle-meleeing than shooting
- When you only want to take out a specific zombie
- Against melee-able bosses such as Titans and flaming burneds
- When you are on critical health and your Bull's 5 shots per reload is inefficient
- When there are fast-sprinting zeds nearby such as Tendrils and Spiders, and you don't want them to see you

When you want to use Rifle/Pistol instead of Melee:
- Against multiple ranged zombies to avoid being hit
- When the area is too crowded to sneak in and you actually need to clear it up
- When you need ranged knockback on zombies that could be dangerous to melee in a particular situation
- When you need to kill bosses
- When you need DPS (Rebellion has about 40 more DPS than TBs)

As you can see they are far from being "the same thing" and having both really makes looting easier, faster and more efficient.

I can claim to be a Death Row pioneer, i loot there everyday without getting hit, and i will share here every tip it comes to my mind.
I will only talk about looting in DR, because any previous zone is very simple,
and the things you need to know are the same.

Looting with low aggro is always better than looting in high aggro.
You could think it's simpler to loot with a HMG or Shotgun, because you can
easily manipulate the zombies with those weapons.
Yes, and while you're shooting at full force, destroying your bank and getting hit, i'm looting DR with almost no zombies.
Which is more convenient and faster, in the end? Exactly.

To loot items, you should seek for yellow-marked items on the minimap and the game window.
They will have a question mark on them.
After 3 seconds you will get either an item or a "Nothing here" sort of message, and then the item will not be marked anymore.

Looting is all based on cartography, dodging, sprinting and stunning.
If you're good at dodging and sprinting in the right moments, no one will hit you,
and if you can stun effectively you can even do well in tight rooms.
All this is useless if you don't know the map, the obstructions, the traps, 
the dead ends... but this comes with time.

Here are a two videos showing how to loot, they were made by an average player.
That's to avoid you thinking "hey anyone can do that with such gear!":

How to loot - Part 1
How to loot - Part 2
How to loot - Part 3

The game mechanics behind looting are the following.
First off, there is a loot table: you can see an example here.
Loot tables are the items you can find in a specific zone.
Then we have loot rates: these are the percentage chances of getting each item in the loot table.

The first time you see a sprinting Tendril or a Titan you will probably freak out scared, but it's just a matter of practice.
The more time you spend in DR, the better you will react to them, and you will slowly become able to manipulate them.
Use every trick you want to keep yourself quiet, but you have to do it.
Getting scared or raging will only impair your reflexes.

Critical builds, or Hybrid Builds containing Pistols or Rifles, are the best for DR looting.
This is because they let you clear your screen fast, without getting aggro.
So you may consider choosing either a Critical build or an Hybrid (if you're around lvl 70) to loot in the city.

The best main weapons for looting are Revolvers and Rifles with slow firing speed; they draw no aggro, stun and knock effectively, while using low quantity of ammo.
You will be using your main weapon for 95% of your looting trip, but the secondary weapon is also important, yes, for boss fights.
The best secondary weapons are MGs.
Their constant shooting makes you able to hold zombies at bay, if you find a tight spot you're basically invulnerable (assuming instant reloading).
You may also need it to get out of sticky situations, but i highly recommend learning
to do that with your skill and the use of Pistol or Rifle.
Then we have the third weapon: you may decide to use a Melee weapon or Grenade Launchers.

Upon getting to DR, choose a route to follow to loot the area; areas are big so following a planned path will most likely avoid you skipping a zone of the area.
Don't lose yourself into yards and parks: loot them and then come out from the same entrance and continue your loot route as planned.
Only use your Pistol/Rifle/Melee and kill the zeds who seems to be in the path of your lootables: don't risk to get hit just to avoid shooting some bullets.
When killing, prioritize Tendrils first, they are the biggest danger and should be taken out first, followed by Bones, burned zombies and normal zombies last.

If you get an aggro spike, don't start fighting it right away: walk/sprint around until you find a place you think it's easy to defend and will give you the edge, then start clearing until the spike ends and you get walkers again.

Sometimes a boss will appear.
You can skip it by simply outrunning him, stucking him between objects or going to map/inventory/next area.
If you decide to kill him, try to stick to silent weapons so that you avoid being swarmed, use heavy firepower only if you are sure the zone you are in will be easy to be held in case of a major spike.
Keep in mind, most bosses do not feel knockback: this means you'll have to be constantly running and avoid tight spaces and corners.

Death Row (DR) is the place in the top right corner and bottom right corner.
For more informations about the good places to loot, i made a whole section
about cartography below.

My favourite route is the no brainer one. 
From Fort Pastor: go right until dead end, go down until dead end, repeat.
To use sprinting effectively, i use this method: first reach the end of the screen by using all your energy with 0% remaning when you change screen, then walk until your energy is 100%, sprint, and it should be 0% upon reaching screen change.
Do this all the way to DR to use energy effectively.
Note: If you want, save some energy (20-40%) in case of aggro spikes.

My clanmate Ocelot made this great looting guide that works for everyone.
I strongly recommend reading it for an additional explanation about looting.[/list]

Also take a look to this video to know more about looting tricks.

Looting Tricks by Raven


There are multiple, different zombies in Dead Frontier; most have different ways to behave and different stats.
Here i'll explain you the mechanics behind zombies and the tricks to use against them.

In this video and this i'm showing most of the tactics to avoid being hit and kill them efficiently.


Cartography is something you get with time, but sharing loot routes and "good" spots is still a good idea, isn't it?
I suggest to avoid using strategies that may decrease your loot chances, which means: do not loot the same objects over and over.
Some may claim it works sometimes, but most times it just lead to decrease your loot chances.
I think it's better to play the fair way.

This is the full map by DRLP member Krn3ll:

Click to enlarge.

Michone made a flash interface for Krn3ll's Fairview map.
This interface makes it easier to keep track of your position.
The swf can be downloaded here.

To make this work you must downlaod Krn3ll map, rename it as "map.png" and then place it on the same folder as the swf. 
Update your position on the map by clicking on the triangles around the central square. (I do this during loading times.)
Pressing the spacebar will turn on/off a menu in which you can jump to one of the outposts, or type in a set of coordinates and jump there.
The 2 numbers near the central square are your present coordinates.

Buildings will be added as soon as the interiors are created.

The thing we call "aggro" is just a script which acts depending on some actions, or depending on coded timers.
Aggro is the level of zombie aggression toward you.

You must know that aggro in 3D works very differently than it used to.
We have 4 types of "aggro":

No aggro
This is the basic situations we start with once we first go out of the outpost; zombies don't notice you unless you are nearby, and especially they don't search for you.
Unless zombies are searching you from farer than the usual distance where they start seeing you, you have no aggro at all.

Hearing range aggro
This is the kind of "aggro" (actually it's not real aggro, but i'll explain that now) caused by Pistols and Rifles.
Basically, Pistols and Rifles don't cause aggro, but the zombies in your hearing range (usually your screen range or slightly more) will hear the shot and chase you.
Sometimes it will take a single shot, sometimes you will be able to shoot 5-10 bullets before the zeds will hear and respond.
To get rid of this just kill the zeds who have heard the shot(s) and aggro will go back to "no aggro".

The aggro spike
Aggro spikes will happen from time to time, no matter what you do; the game is made so that after a certain amount of time you get a "panic moment"; you can recognize this easily because a bunch of zeds from off-screen will start to sprint at you quite fast, and even if you eliminate them with silent weaponry, more will come.
Once you have cleared this spike, the aggro spike is over and the game is back to nominal aggro values (no aggro).

High aggro
This is caused by shooting Shotguns, MGs and Grenades, or revving Chainsaws.
It works pretty much like the aggro spike, except it's not going to cease unless you move away from the zone or clear the aggro.
This aggro tends to be a lot harder to get rid of; since you purposely raised the aggro, the game will most likely send you his worst.

There are many rumors around about aggro whether or not affecting some specific things.
First off Admin always negated aggro has any effect on loot rates.
Loot rates are only increase depending by whether you have or not the Gold Membership, and only decrease if you loot the same zone over and over.
Aggro also used to be a requirement to spawn Behemots in 2D, but now bosses spawn randomly, indipendently.

Each weapon draws different type and amount of aggro; we can't really tell by fact the amount, but we can definitely tell the type of aggro a weapon causes. 
After extensive research with all of these weapons, here are the results:

Leveling (or grinding) is another important part of the game.
You already know how to level, but do you really know how to level effectively?

There are mainly 3 methods for leveling.

Leveling with melee weapons is certainly the best for people without money, but it's also the slowest and riskier form of leveling in the game.
All you have to do is go around for the map, preferably in the DR Zone, and kill with your melee weapon.
Raising the aggro or not is up to you and your confidence/ability.

Leveling with guns is faster than melee, but it comes at a cost: ammo.
But even guns are cheap if you use them correctly.
What we want to use is a weapon with the highest damage per bullet,
which results in more zeds killed per ammo box.
The best weapons for this are Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns.
In case you use Pistols or Rifles t's a good idea to have a loud weapon with you to cause aggro.

Grenades are super fast leveling.
You will use the same method as guns, except this time we'll wait a big pack of zeds before grinding.
Don't start shooting until many zeds are packed, to maximize DPS and bullet-efficiency.
It's a good idea to always have max aggro: the more zeds you fight, the higher your dps and the better your bullet-efficiency.

Here is a video showing how to grind:
How to Grind

Excellent grinding spots will leave a player with an high level of safety while accomplishing his grinding sessions.

Currently we have discovered this:

As you can see it's pretty much impossible to get hit, while you can still shoot the hordes from safety.
To reach this Death Row gringing spot, go on the yellow mark shown in this map:

If you need a grinding spot near Fort Pastor, this one is great:

It's just north-east from Fort Pastor and allows you to be fully protected as they are not able to get in, while you are able to shoot at zeds coming from west and east.


The Outpost Attack (abbreviated "OA") is an event causing endless aggro outside of the outposts, and players can compete to defend it from the attack.
When an OA event started, you will see this flashing text in the outpost:

And hear the sirens when outside.
Unlike the 2D OA, this version happens multiple times per day.
There are many contradicting speculations about the time delay between each OA and the duration of it; it's also most likely going to be rebalanced or overhauled soon.

According to most people, it's hard to effectively take on the ferocious horde for non-endgame players so here are a few strategic spots you can take advantage of:

Completing an Outpost Attack rewards some bonus exp.
The exp bonus works this way:
(how many zeds you have killed) multiplied by (X)

X depends on the kind of victory you had.
On the best victory scenarios X is 50, on the lowest it's 2.

If you have gotten such a little bonus you most likely hit the worst condition with the multiplier being just x2.

The more zombies you kill, the higher the bonus: for this reason it is recommended to not prioritize high-health zeds but rather try to kill as many as possible.

2D missions are gone, this section will be updated once the 3D ones are added.


What are speculations?
Think when the first men saw thunders and shouted "God!" and later it revealed
being an atmospheric phenomenon.
Speculations work in the same way: one player is illused by something and
start speculating about it making assumptions and try to get them accepted by the community.
Never, EVER, believe to this stuff, unless it's confirmed by AdminPwn or mathematically
proven by players.

Blunts draw more aggro
This is one of the oldest and classic speculations, which has been proved wrong
by a player holding both a Katana and Battle Axe: after many days of testing he realized
there was no difference between Bladed and Blunt weapons in aggro drawing.

Sledge Hammer has more knockback than Sabre
I've proved with a video that they have the same knockback.

Endurance makes you sprint longer
While this wasn't true in 2D, not it is in 3D.
Endurance gives 2 "hit points" for each point in the stats, and makes you sprint longer.
The formula to find how much long it makes you sprint is (endurance-25)/6.1875+24 = sprint duration.

Sprinting / using flashlight draws aggro
Another odd myth. 
Aggro only comes in the form of aggro spike, high aggro and hearing range aggro as explained in the aggro section of the guide, everything else is false.

Rifles/Pistols cause aggro
I think i shooted 2000 bullets and didn't manage to get aggro with either.
They only draw the attention of the surrounding zeds, but do not cause aggro.

Level/Strength impacts damage output
No, just no. 
A lvl 1 does the same damage as a lvl 200 given they have the same weapons.
Same goes with Strength: in this game Str is only a requirement to wear some weapons/armors.

Going further northeast or southeast will automatically increase Aggro.
Deep zones have just more default zeds per screen, which leads people to think
the aggro there is higher.
Though, the aggro system is exactly the same.

Wiki damages are correct/incorrect.
Wiki is written by players.
The only trustable wiki writers are Tlim and Crynsos: everything else is, for the most part. filled with roleplay bullshit, speculations and wrong informations.
Always ask confirmation to me or Tlim/Crynsos before buying something from the wiki.

Reloading the page / Connection Error impairs your loot chance
Admin words: "the only way to impair your looting chances is to loot the same
place over and over".
Everything outside this is a speculation.

Aggro/Being low health increases loot chances
Admin always denied this and people should stop speculating around this after
2 years it's been said to be false.

In that spot you get different loot compared to that other spot
Every territory has its own loot table, meaning that -anywhere- in the said zone, and from -any kind of lootable- you have the same chance to find the same things.
Every object in a said territory shares the same loot tables with all the other objects in that territory.

The Helicopter has more loot chance
As said above, the heli's loot only depends on the place it's in and the chance
is the same as any other lootable of that territory.

Melee draws a slight amount of aggro
No, melee is completely silent.

This post (along with many others Admin made in the past) invalidates -any- "loot theory".
Loot is not affected by anything beside GM.


In this section i will lead you through the wonderful world of the hybrid build.
An hybrid build needs lot of patience and precision, but the results are epic.
Let's start with the pros and the cons:

  • Very good for looting. You can use silent weapons to loot in normal situations and pull out the heavy guns during aggro spikes and boss fights.
  • Very good for grinding. You can still use your Pistol/Rifle to grind, and nades aswell
  • Very good for DR. You can have the same weapons as a Strength build which means damage (HMGs) and knockback (shotgun), plus you can wear the best armor.
  • Not hard to maintain compared to a pure Strength build. 
    You still have your good low cost silent weapon so in case you go broke on money you can still grind and loot.
  • Extremely versatile.
  • Extremely high damage.
  • Wide range of weapon choice.

  • It's a bad thing to start off with an hybrid build due to stats and cost of the weapons/armors/bullets so you'll have to reset to this later.
  • Stats hungry.
  • Not good for pvp until high levels.
  • You need good MC stats.

The best main weapons are Alpha Bull/475 Magnum and Enforcer.
We don't use Rifles because they require 100 critical for 80% critical chance and it would be a major waste of stats in a build that's already stats-hungry.
These silent weapons grant you the ability to quickly eliminate zombies without drawing too aggro.
If you have access to Dusk shop the Dusk Carbine is surely the best of all them, but the Dusk Enforcer is a good choice if you don't want to use ammo and save inventory slots.

Heavy Machine Guns.
An hybrid build without an HMG is most likely not going to be able to hold the worst situations because Shotguns have lesser crowd control.
You can hold difficult positions with it, and kill very fast.
Of course this will be replaced by the Vulcan once you'll have the cash.
Some players prefer an AA-12 in this slot, as it uses less ammo; keep in mind though, the AA-12 has less control due to the Vulcan, so make your decision wisely: expensive full godmode or semi-cheap semi-godmode?

You can decide between Melee and Grenade Launchers, but Shotguns make a good third weapon if you have HMGs already.
Melee is useful because killing with it does not increase aggro and it doesn't require bullets.
The best melee weapon choice is Dusk Razor, but if you don't have access to Dusk shop then your best bet are the Titanium Blades/Wakizashi/Nodachi.
If you instead decided to go with GLs, assuming you have 108 reloading any GL beside the M79 works good for grinding.
For grinding with nades keep in mind you will need 80 total accuracy.

To be effective you need the following base stats:

100 Strength 
High-end HMGs/Shotguns and Armors require 100 Str.
XX Endurance 
Any point left once the other stats are done.
76-100 Agility 
i recommend 100 base, because 124 agility avoids you hits and the boredom of walking and lets you walk in the city faster thus wasting less time per loot route.
25-56 Accuracy
As i said Accuracy shouldn't be raised at all unless you use grenades which need a solid 56 base accuracy for all-round efficiency.
56 Critical
You will need 80 total critical for your Pistol so 56 base is the key number here.
84 Reloading
Reloading at 84 (108 total) will grant you instant reloading for every weapon usable in this build beside HMGs, but those don't really need it due to big clip size.


The Assault Build is a completely new type of build Admin made viable through buffing Assault Rifles.
This build requires very few stats and grants a strong dps and medium armor.

  • Very good for looting.
  • Very good for grinding.
  • Requires very few stats.
  • Very versatile.

  • Expensive ammo.
  • Average DPS, low knockback.
  • Not good for pvp until transformed into an hybrid.

The best main weapons are Alpha Bull/475 Magnum and Enforcer.
We don't use Rifles because they require 100 critical for 80% critical chance and it would be a major waste of stats in a build that's already stats-hungry.
These silent weapons grant you the ability to quickly eliminate zombies without drawing too aggro.
If you have access to Dusk shop the Dusk Carbine is surely the best of all them, but the Dusk Enforcer is a good choice if you don't want to use ammo and save inventory slots.

Assault Rifles will be your backup weapons.
They are decent now, pretty much like the "old" version of the M60.
The usage of Rifle ammo is compensated by high dps and knockback, allowing you to control crowds and get out of bad situations.

You can decide between Melee and Grenade Launchers, but Shotguns make a good third weapon if you have HMGs already.
Melee is useful because killing with it does not increase aggro and it doesn't require bullets.
The best melee weapon choice is Dusk Razor, but if you don't have access to Dusk shop then your best bet are the Titanium Blades/Wakizashi/Nodachi.
If you instead decided to go with GLs, assuming you have 108 reloading any GL beside the M79 works good for grinding.
For grinding with nades keep in mind you will need 80 total accuracy.

To be effective you need the following base stats:

60 Strength 
High-end Assault Rifles require 60 Strength.
XX Endurance 
Any point left once the other stats are done.
76-100 Agility 
i recommend 100 because 124 agility avoids you hits and the boredom of walking and lets you walk in the city faster thus wasting less time per loot route.
56 Accuracy
80 total accuracy is pretty much a requirement for Assault Rifles to hit efficiently.
56 Critical
You will need 80 total critical for your Pistol so 56 base is the key number here.
84 Reloading
Reloading at 84 (108 total) will grant you instant reloading for every weapon usable in this build beside HMGs, but those don't really need it due to big clip size.


The critical build, albeit not nearly as strong as the Hybrid builds, is a cheap and efficient build that can get things done decently while not being a problem for your wallet.
It grants you good DPS and cheap looting at low cost.

  • Very good for looting. You can use silent weapons to loot in normal situations and pull out the SMG/Nades during aggro spikes and boss fights.
  • Very good for grinding. You can still use your Pistol/Rifle to grind, and nades aswell
  • Very good for DR. It's efficient in any situation.
  • Cheap to both achieve and maintain.
  • Stat-saving.
  • High endurance means longer sprinting.

  • Lacks Strength armors; less protection and more neros used.
  • Not good for pvp.
  • Needs good Critical MCs due to SMG's reliance on Critical.

The best main weapons are Alpha Bull, Enforcer, VSS or Rebellion.
These silent weapons grant you the ability to quickly eliminate zombies
without drawing too much aggro.
If you have access to Dusk shop the Enforcer/Carbine is surely the best of all them.
If you haven't, then it's a toss up between the Bull, 577 Rex and 475 Magnum.
Alpha Bull has very tiny clip size and is also less accurate than Rifles, but it supports 800 bullets per box and has more knockback.
577 Rex has a large clip size making it less reloading-dependant and more reliable on low health, has 127 DPS, is more accurate than Bull but it only supports 600 bullets per box and has less knockback; it also shoots slower.
The 475 Magnum has 125 DPS, 2 shots per second, decent clip size but uses much more ammo than the other alternatives.
Their critical requirement doesn't really matter because in a critical build
you're gonna raise your crit to 124 anyway.

Certainly SMGs.
To work as intended it requires 124 critical, less than that and you're impairing your dps.
You can hold difficult positions with it, and kill very fast.

You can decide between Melee, Chainsaws and Grenade Launchers.
Melee is useful because killing with it does not increase aggro and it doesn't require bullets.
The best melee weapon choice is Dusk Razor, but if you don't have access to Dusk shop then your best bet are the Titanium Blades/Wakizashi/Nodachi.
As for Chainsaws they grant a reliable shield and high DPS at no cost, but they are risky; in this case go for the Steel 090.
If you instead decided to go with GLs, assuming you have 108 reloading any GL beside the M79 works good for grinding.
For grinding with nades keep in mind you will need 80 total accuracy.

To be effective you need the following base stats:

30 Strength 
The Criss Victor/Dusk SMG requires 30 Str so we have to waste those 5 points.
XX Endurance 
Every point left once other stats are done.
76-100 Agility 
i recommend 100 because 124 agility avoids you hits and the boredom of walking and makes your loot routes less time-consuming.
25-56 Accuracy
If your build contains Grenades you will need 56 base accuracy, else 25 is enough (aka don't put any point in it with stats, just MCs).
100 Critical
You need 100 base critical and a total of 124 for SMGs to do max dps.
67-84 Reloading
If you don't have the Enforcer you will need 84 (108 total) to give your VSS/Bull instant reloading, BUT if you have it... you can save 17 stats!
Yeah, because the Enforcer and Criss/Dusk SMG only require 67 (91 total) reloading for instant.

If you are making a new character or are low level you want to know what
to raise first and what to raise later.
This i find to be the best order:
- Get 30 Strength asap, to equip the dilmar and get aggro during the low levels.
- Get 100 critical, in any case.
- Get 76-100 agility, so that you can start looting effectively very soon.
- Get 25-56 accuracy; to hit stuff efficiently.
- Get 67-84 reloading for instant.


The strength build is an horrible build for everything in PvE.
The best way to definite it is: an hybrid build without silent weaponry.
No silent weaponry means you'll loot with max aggro, most likely the worst nightmare of every survivor without a credit card.

If this build is inefficient for looting, why are you telling us about it Raven?
Because it's the best build to PvP with (except an hybrid build on a lvl 100+ stat-boostingcharacter) due to the fact by skipping agility and critical you can max endurance and accuracy sooner.

  • Very good for PvP.
  • Max Endurance plus Strength armors gives you the largest "defense" a character can achieve in the game.
  • Max Accuracy means top DPS.

  • Horrible - almost a joke - for looting due to complete lack of silent weaponry.
  • Expensive to achieve and maintain.
  • Limited to PvP.

The best PvP main weapons are Shotguns.
If you have a GAU you'll most likely use just that for pvp, else your best bet will be either the Dusk Striker or the AA-12.
The choice between the two is subjective; with high PC specs and fast internet connection you can take the Striker for slower but harder punch, but if you are a bad aimer or have slow PC/Internet the AA-12's 3 shots per second are more reliable.

Definitely the Vulcan, or if you can access it, the GAU.
If you have one, or manage to borrow one, it's the highest dps weapon to use in PvP and with 124 accuracy it will tear through enemies easily.
Vulcan is the exact copy but the DPS is halved (still exceptionally high).
Keep in mind, miniguns shoot 3 bullets per shot and all of the 3 bullets can critical; that means when your build is done you should raise critical to give the GAU an even higher dps.

Grenade Launchers.
The ability to shoot over objects makes this weapon invaluable at PvP, you can easily hide between an object such as a car/truck and hurl nades in your opponent's face without risk.

To be effective you need the following base stats:

100 Strength 
To wear the best armor and HMGs/Shotguns.
100 Endurance 
Max health is mandatory in PvP.
76-100 Agility 
Mandatory to chase people running from the Arena or run to a cover.
100 Accuracy
Every gun should be at its maximum accuracy to PvP.
25-XX Critical
If you have a Minigun it's a nice dump stat for dps.
84 Reloading
The perfect number for this build.

I won't list the priority since if you want to pvp you'll need to have money and levels in the first place so this build would come right after a stat reset.

The Elite Shop is a shop that you can unlock by becoming either the
Weekly Top Survivor or the Weekly Top Player Killer.
These titles are hard to earn most weeks, because other players want
the equipment too so there will most likely be always competition, unless
you're lucky enough to find the so-called "dead week".

Once you win, this message will appear above the outpost (even in Player Outposts):

Here is the gear you can buy:

My recommendations is to buy:

The Dusk Enforcer
It doesn't matter what build are you on or whatever, the Enforcer has unlimited ammo which saves you money and inventory space, decent DPS, and it fits very well into Hybrid builds due to the cheap 80 critical requirement.
What more do you want?

The Dusk Reactive
This is the best armor you can obtain in the game.
It's so powerful that a GC Dusk Reactive can make you last a lot before critical health even with no Endurance added at all with stats.

The Dusk Razor
Despite people complaining that melee sucks etc, the Dusk Razor is quite powerful.
Melee is the only weapon that can safely kill without drawing -any- form of aggro, and this is the best of the category so there is really no point in leaving it there.

The Dusk Striker
160 DPS on a 2 shots per second shotgun is quite astonishing.
Such an item is extremely good for both PvE and PvP, no reason to not get it.

The Dusk Carbine
A Rifle with 133 DPS could be your best silent looting weapon or your best long-ranged PvP weapon.

The Dusk Launcher
Albeit not mandatory, it's the highest DPS weapon in the game when used on 15 zombies packed, allowing you to use the best grinding tool in DF.

The other weapons are not mandatory, SMG and Saw are crit build stuff (though the Saw can be quite good in melee range PvP), so you don't really have to struggle yourself to get them.

Becoming the Weekly Top Survivor (abbreviated "TS") is one of the two ways to access the Elite Shop.
The main goal is to achieve more exp than any other player for that week without dying.
Yes, without dying. If you die, all the exp you gained doesn't count toward the title and you have to start over again.
Note: You don't need a GAU to win TS. 

While this title is harder to get compared to TPK, and requires more money, you have some advantages over it:
1. You don't need to buy a GAU and Reactive XT or have them rent you from someone.
2. You can do it all on your own, as i did myself, and you don't need any support if you know what you're doing.
3. You get a shitload of levels = more stats and proficiency.
4. If you are a Roleplay Class and/or have GM you're advantaged above who doesn't.
5. You don't need to be in American time zone to face opponents, you can freely grind according to your own time zone.

There are two variables in TS: Time and Money.
The methods vary on depending on these.

"I have money but few time"
You have money so you can afford a Grenade Launcher with either Ghost Ammo or a shitload of Grenades.
This is the easiest way to win TS, and the most expensive.
Even if you don't have much time, you'll kill 2-3-4 times faster than others so you'll make up for the time you lose.
Be sure to have 100 Accuracy and 108 reloading.

"I have a lot of time, but i'm not rich"
You don't need to be rich to win TS: i for one have won it with a Bull while fighting against 2 GAU users which were obviously richer than me.
The best weapon is definitely the Steel 090: it deals high dps and it doesn't even require ammo.
If you don't want to use the Steel 090 you can use either Pistols or Rifles, you won't spend a lot of ammo and achieve a good amount of exp.
Shotguns are not very recommended for cheapos as they kill slowly and use a lot of ammo.

"I have both time and money"
Just use Grenades until your bank is empty.
Be sure to have 100 Accuracy and 108 reloading.

Obviously you have to stock up on food, barricading material and ammo, feel free to fill both your storage, inventory and selling list.

So, now that you understood the theory and made decisions, here is the practice.

Now that you've chosen your method and got what you need, it's time to go.

If you are using Grenades
Go one block away from FP and find an open area, without many obstruction; you will need free space.
Alternatively find a spot where you can nade zeds without them hitting you.
Get aggro and when the zeds swarm you, start circling them and shoot grenades in the middle, sprinting whenever they start their attack animation.
Be sure to stay away from Tendrils and try to use your bullets on big crowds, avoid using them to kill 2-3 zeds but switch to another weapon in that case.

If you are using the Steel 090
Find a zone with a tight entrance and stick the Steel 090 in the entrance and destroy everything that gets in, paying attention to Tendrils and watching out for possible Titans.
Ranged zombies can be a problem; make sure you have a "Plan B" in case you have to move awar from there.
Alternatively you can circle zombies and let them be destroyed by the saw.

If you are using Pistols or Rifles
Pretty much the same as the grenade method, get aggro and clear it with your Pistol/Rifle, prioritizing Tendrils/Spiders to avoid getting hit.

The Outpost Attack
Doing the OA is indeed fundamental for winning TS.
To clear the OA efficiently you need either a GAU or a grenade launcher of any kind (the PAW-20 is much better than all nade launchers you can use this far).
Be sure not to die! Use the safe spots listed in the guide because if you die you will have to do it all over.

Becoming the Weekly Top Player Killer (abbreviated "TPK") is one of the two way to access the Elite Shop.
The main goal is to get more pvp points than all the other players competing.
Dying gives you a PvP Death Penalty (explained on page one) which is less harsh than the PvE one.

You have some advantages over TS:
1. PvPing is a lot less boring than grinding.
2. If you die nothing happens, so you don't have to worry about that.
3. You don't need a lot of money, especially if you stocked up on meds/food and ammo before starting.
4. You can actually prevent your competitors from winning by simply killing them as soon as they enter a room and preventing them to play and thus getting points, while on TS you have no way to impair the others.

Before venturing into TPK you should plan what build you are going to use and stock supplies for the week.
I suggest stocking on nero and have money for repairs and use one of the 4 top pvp builds listed on page 2.

Here are the tactics to win pvp.
First off always have your volume up, possibly use headphones, because
when you shoot you can hear the "splat" noise that bullets make when they hit a player, so you know where they are even if they are off-screen.

Against lower level/geared players
They can be killed in 1-2 seconds, so they are pretty much free points.
But they are also like mice: they are all ok and stuff until they see a GAU or get on low health at which point they usually log-off.
The trick is to avoid using a GAU and trying to kill them fast without leaving them escape to prevent them to log out and don't get any points.

Against Snipers
These weapons are sniping weapons, meaning they can take you out from afar and they pack a big punch.
Since you can hardly dodge their shots if they are good aimers, the trick is to deal more dps than they do; ripping them with a Grinder or close-up with a Corpse Blaster/GAU are common strategies against snipers.
Hurling grenades from behind a cover could also be a nice strategy here.

Against Pure Strength
While shotguns are quite deadly in closed range and have a chance to kill you even with a GAU if you're close enough, from range they are quite bad.
Shotguns rely on multiple pellets do deal their dps, and those pellets spread more and more the farer you are.
If you keep distance it's like they are shooting you with a Benelli M1.
If you also make unpredictable movements, it's like they're throwing pen knifes at you.
To beat them you either exploit their usually low agility to catch up and thear them apart with a Grinder, or use a sniping weapon or use grenades from behind a cover (watch out tho, they usually have nades too).

Against a GAU+XT combo
Even though the GAU has huge dps, its accuracy is horrible even at 124 accuracy.
I don't recommend going close to give him more accuracy and eat 500 dps, you should either force him to switch weapons with the grenade tactics or snipe him from afar.

Against Void Armor
This credit card armor has 85% damage reduction and 300 durability.
It is much better than your XT, so be ready for a long, exhaustive fight.
Depending on the weapon thye carry you should use different tactics, but they usually carry a GAU so you know what to do.


The Arena is a place located in the outposts where players can enjoy PvP for free; infact your health and armor are restored if you exit the arena or if you die.
You won't get any PvP points for killing, since this feature is merely for fun and action.

The arena is shaped like a maze: there are a few objects to take cover, such as flaming barrels and boxes, but for the most part you are going to PvP openly; this is a great thing as Inner City allows a lot of cheating and exploiting.
For this reason, in this place skill matters, not levels.
Gear still matters (especially armors) but to a lesser extent.
As you can see here:

A lvl 88 skilled player can easily kill a lvl 190 credit card nub and come out Healthy/Damaged.

Overall, it's a good place to have fun without worrying about DF's the sims-like mechanics.


I'll list the damage per second (abbreviated "DPS") of every weapon so you can see the average damage that every weapon deals and understand the differences.
Note that DPS is one of the most important factors when evaluating weaponry.

Note: Some weapons deal different damage in PvP. 
Melee deals 3x DPS, Chainsaws 2x and guns half.

With 80 Critical (100 for knives):
Pen knife: 12.9 DPS
Dawn Razor: 12.9 DPS
Chef knife: 17.64 DPS
Hunting knife: 13.86 DPS
Combat knife: 21.42 DPS
Bowie knife: 28.98 DPS
Razor: 31.63 DPS
Scalpel: 36.54 DPS
Kris: 44.1 DPS
Trench knife: 51.66 DPS
Machete: 54.6 DPS
Kukri: 59.22 DPS
Sabre: 64.68 DPS
Katana: 72.24 DPS
Forsaken Titanium Blades: 79.8 DPS
Amputator : 79.8 DPS
Doom Cane : 84.93 DPS
Wakizashi: 85.68 DPS
Nodachi: 89.88 DPS
Dusk kris : 89.46 DPS
Dusk Razor : 94.92 DPS

With 80 Critical (100 for High Critical Chance blunts):
Fire poker: 11.76 DPS
Baseball bat: 11.76 DPS
Cricket bat: 16.8 DPS
Golf club: 24.36 DPS
Fire axe: 24.36 DPS
Iron pipe: 29.4 DPS
Nail bat: 26.88 DPS
Crowbar: 34.44 DPS
Shovel: 44.52 DPS
Wood axe: 54.6 DPS
Sledge hammer: 64.68 DPS
Battle axe: 72.24 DPS

With 100 Critical:
Dilmar PS: 31,5 DPS
Ronan Pro: 45 DPS
Grinder: 115,2 DPS
Steel 090: 140.4 DPS
Dusk Saw: 158.4 DPS

With 80 Critical (revolvers) and 100 critical (semi-auto):
Beta Tomcat : 25.41 DPS
Williams PPK : 25.41 DPS
Gerring HP : 25.41 DPS
Fifty Seven : 25.41 DPS
Kolt Python : 34.65 DPS
Lock 19 : 31.08 DPS
Beta 8000 : 42.42 DPS
CK 75 : 31.08 DPS
Luger : 31.08 DPS
Webster 1942 : 44.1 DPS
Lock 17 : 31.08 DPS
Lock 25 : 53.76 DPS
CK 99 : 65.1  DPS
SIC Apollo : 65.1 DPS
USP : 65.1 DPS
Kolt Anaconda : 63 DPS
CK 97B : 76.44 DPS
Desert Fox : 87.78 DPS
SW 500 : 81.9 DPS
Alpha Bull : 110.25 DPS
475 Magnum: 133.14
Dusk Enforcer : 96.6 DPS

With 100 Critical:
Beta RX4: 46.2 DPS
Mini-14: 46.2 DPS
SL8: 54.6 DPS
M24: 63 DPS
M1 Garand: 71.4 DPS
Glacial Warfare: 71.4 DPS
Chesterfield: 71.4 DPS
M21: 71.4 DPS
MSG-9: 71.4 DPS
SIC 550: 81.9 DPS
Hawk OP96: 88.2 DPS
Dragon SVD: 94.5 DPS
M82A2: 88.2 DPS
VSS Vintorez: 107.1 DPS
Rebellion: 120.5 DPS
577 Rex: 126 DPS
Dusk Carbine: 132.3 DPS

Mancini M1 : 17.2 DPS
Highlander : 26.4 DPS
Washington 870 : 39.6 DPS
Chester 1300 : 53.4  DPS
Washington 1100 : 53.4 DPS
Sega-20 : 43 DPS
WALL 500 : 48 DPS
SPSA 12 : 53.4 DPS
Mannberg 500 : 60.08 DPS
Sweeper : 80.1 DPS
USAN-12 : 106.8 DPS
Corpse Blaster: 100.125 DPS
AA-12: 126.95 DPS
Dusk Striker: 135.78 DPS

M79 : 29 DPS per zombie (up to a max of 253.75 on 15 zombies)
HK69 : 29 DPS per zombie (up to a max of 253.75 on 15 zombies)
GM94 : 29 DPS per zombie (up to a max of 253.75 on 15 zombies)
RG6 : 29 DPS per zombie (up to a max of 253.75 on 15 zombies)
Falcon-MM1: 29 DPS per zombie (up to a max of 253.75 on 15 zombies)
XM25 : 43 DPS per zombie (up to a max of 375.25 on 15 zombies)
PAW-20: 52 DPS per zombie (up to a max of 455 on 15 zombies)
Dusk Launcher: 55.5 DPS per zombie (up to a max of 485.625 on 15 zombies)

With 124 Critical:
Skorpion : 24 DPS
UZI : 43.2 DPS
FM P90 : 43.2 DPS
MP5 : 52.46 DPS
PP90 : 52.46 DPS
Gramm M11 : 70.97 DPS
UMP : 89.49 DPS
Chicago Typewriter : 108 DPS
K-50M : 117.2 DPS
Criss Victor: 141.33 DPS
Dusk SMG: 148.73 DPS

With 0 Critical:
FM Mitrail : 151.2 DPS (+0.195 DPS per Critical point)
FM MAG : 186 DPS (+0.24 DPS per Critical point)
M60 : 186 DPS (+0.24 DPS per Critical point)
Vulcan: 237.55 DPS (+0.1533 DPS per Critical point)
Dusk Mag: 248.39 DPS (+0.160 DPS per Critical point)
GAU-19 : 477.55 DPS (+0.30 DPS per Critical point)

With 0 Critical:
FM FNC : 101.14 DPS (+0.13 DPS per Critical point)
M16 : 101.14 DPS (+0.13 DPS per Critical point)
Mesa ACR : 101.14 DPS (+0.13 DPS per Critical point)
SA80 : 101.14 DPS (+0.13 DPS per Critical point)
Stell AUG : 101.14 DPS (+0.13 DPS per Critical point)
XM8 : 101.14 DPS (+0.13 DPS per Critical point)
FM FAL : 111.43 DPS (+0.144 DPS per Critical point)
AK 47 : 121.71 DPS (+0.157 DPS per Critical point)


It is possible to gain some money almost riskless from it, but it's a slow way to make
cash so don't think you'll get rich.
You can get 40k, 50k, something like that.

I'm not going to reveal my very own method and don't PM me about that because
you're not getting an answer, mostly because the Gambling Den would get closed
or changed, and generally because us Italians are stubborn gamblers but also
don't reveal our tricks. 
Anyway, i'm going to post some other type of methods that still work good to make
a good amount of safe cash per day.

First off the location of the Queen is random, don't think to follow the card or make
a video, do you think Admin is retarded? He's not.
And you're not smart if you even thought this would have worked.
It's all about maths basically, there are different method and i'm going to reveal
the Martingale's one, the most common and simple yet effective.

Make sure you have 300k on you before trying this, else it won't work.

Here is the basic rule.
Always choose the card on the left.
Bet 100.
If you win, bet 100 again.
If you lose, bet 150, if you lose again bet, 300, if you lost again bet 600 and keep
following the bets listed below until you win.
When you win, bet 100 again.

Base bet: 100

For each lost bet:

The chance to lose more than 11 times consecutively are dramatically low.
Keep note that this method increases the chances to lose the more you use it,
it's a thing related to script-made randomization and probability itself.
So don't keep playing a millions of times, take your 40-50k and leave.
The server reboots once a day, so try to do this once a day to avoid risks.
Keep control of yourself.

Again, this is not the best method but the basic one, i revealed it to have you make some daily cash and give you a challenge to discover what's the actual best method.
It will take a long while and need a lot of logics and calculations, you'll also probably have to be a stubborn logical person to succeed.

Do NOT use the Anti-Martingale method.
The bid limit doesn't allow an efficient use of the Anti-MG, the best method is found by creating a Super Martingale scheme with lots of variables and work.


Some people say the Marketplace is a big part of DF, some say it's merely a place to dump your items for money.
Depending on the type of player you are, you can make different things with it.

Selling is the basic way to get rid of an item in exchange of money.
It sound simple but there are some rules:
  • Before selling, make sure you know the scrapping price of the item; sometimes people forget it and put items on the market for less than that price, thus gaining less money.
  • The cheaper item (or, in case of bullets, cheaper money-per-bullet) comes above others on the list; if you want it to appear first, make sure your price is lower than anyone else's.
  • Undercutting can be done by pricing your item just $1 less than the cheaper; there is no need to undercut by more, you'll just lose potential cash or even end up lowering the value of your item.
  • If someone tell you "but i don't buy from $1 undercutters!", they are either lying or a little minority, with this method my stuff has always been sold before the other.
  • Double, even triple check the price before clicking "ok". Many players sold 2mil worth items for 200k because they forgot a zero. It just takes a second and saves you thousands.

Trading, also known as "Item for item trading", is the most risky usage of the market, since it is not currently supported by the game.
Keep in mind these simple facts:
  • Your items will not be refunded if scammed.
  • The scammer will get banned but they can get around it with some tricks so don't think this threat is enough to stop them; some people even scams for fun.
  • Most times, trades are bad deals; things such as "these 10 items worth 100k for your 80k worth item!" are actually "I'm throwing you this slow-selling and frequently-undercut crap for your gold stuff!".
  • Never trust "vouchers"; unless they guarantee a 100% refund, they are just friends of the player and anyway it's easy to get people to trust you.
  • Trading Gold Membership is illegal, bannable, and can easily get your account stolen.

Selling services is another profitable way to make money.
It's easy to do, but here are some tricks:
  • Keep contact with other service classes; sometimes newbies sell their services for too low, or simply you can plan your sales with others.
    Some may not accept, but during hard times an alliance can be crucial.
  • Do not undercut by a lot because not only you will make your tier of services worth less (thus impairing yourself too) but people will be pissed and could take advantage of you.
  • If you are undercut but the player is not online, sell your services for $1 less than the second person and let the offline undercutter deplete his hunger; this way you'll be the new "first" soon, and you'll avoid undercutting your tier's prices at the same time.
  • Don't be rude or start fights with others. This market is led by few people and the more your enemies, the lower your gain.

Reselling means buying an item and resell for an higher price; in case of meds, food and ammo you'll have to buy many of them, thus "taking over a specific market" (see section below).
Weapons and Armors reselling is easier and faster, but it comes at a price: first off, the weapon price tends to be pretty stable compared to others so it's very difficult to find a way to make big money out of it.
This also tends to be risky; much less than the other methods, but still.
Weapons are less likely to be price-lowered, but it happens; for instance M60s were worth 3mils once, look at them now.

A more rewarding and safer version of Reselling.
During Outpost Attacks people buy a lot more bullet and usually don't care about the price due to the limited time of the event, so it's the right moment to take advantage of the market.
Keep in mind though, you will not be the only one to do this.

Reselling Limited Edition items is a popular way to make cash.
Most of those items tend to double or even triple their original price with time so you could potentiatlly make some money this way.

  • It can take years for the item to be sold at profitable prices
  • The weapon, or the weapon category, can become underpowered due to game mechanics changes
  • If everyone has the same idea (IE, the Corpse Blaster) it will take even longer to make money out of them, the price will be low due to high demand, and there will be constant undercutting wars

Taking over an entire market is a highly risky but rewarding method.
Keep your eyes on specific markets and buy every single one of the items.
Then, place them on the market for slightly more.
Don't exaggerate; the higher your prices, the higher your chances to be overrun.
People will eventually try to undercut you; either buy their items and resell them or let the items be bought.

  • Another marketeer spots your attempt and takes advantage of it
  • People don't accept your new prices and undercut you until you give up
  • There is a big supply of said item and too many items are put on the market preventing you to sell yours
  • The price goes downhill, even lower than your buying price: total fail

With the help of your clan it's much easier to take over a portion of the market, and also much safer; your clanmates will help you to keep other resellers away and take the lead of the market.
The major benefit is that the wealth will stay within the clan instead of going to others, but the flaw is of course, the less money made per person.

Items can be stocked up when they are cheap to be resold when their price will go back to normal.
For example, i've done this multiple times with Wine.
I managed to buy them at around 1000 during a supply spike, and sold them all for... 2500! during a demand spike.
100 of them are easily worth 150k.

Credits are also a good source of reselling money, to a bigger extent but also a lot more expensive compared to item reselling.
However, they are much harder to resell; they tend to be replaced very soon and to keep constant prices, but they always spike when some Limited Edition item is made (usually around holydays) and their prices even differ from outpost to outpost.

Without risk, there is no reward.
It doesn't matter how safe your plan looks on sheet, you may eventually end up losing money, or getting an huge delay of your sales.
This usually happens with food, meds and ammo reselling (high risk), but i've seen bad things happening with weapons and armors too (low risk).

The Credit Shop is a place with many options to let players buy stuff and support the game at the same time.
While buying weapons/armors from there generally costs much more than buying them in the market, buying extra services with credits can come in handy.
Let's see those services:

Buying Ghost Ammo will give you 15,000 ghost bullets every day of an ammo type of your choice, except grenades which only come in 7,500 due to balance; these bullets won't take inventory space but they'll only be shown in your weapon bullet counter.
Ghost Ammo costs 8000 credits and it is not stackable, meaning you can't buy multiple Ghost Ammo for the same bullet type but only one per type, and to buy it you need to send a support ticket.
Keep in mind that ghost ammo will never exceed the total of 15,000, meaning that if you already have some bullets of the type you have chosen, you'll only be given the difference to get to 15,000.
I.e. You have 12.7mm GA and you looted 5000 12.7mm bullets in your inventory; when GA renews you will get only 10,000 bullets because it can't go beyond 15,000.
This is also valid for previous GAs; if you already have 1000 GA bullets you will only get another 14,000.
Be sure you don't have any ammo left before 1AM EST, when the GA renews.
You can also change the bullets your ghost ammo will give by filing a support ticked and requesting a change; it will cost 500 credits.

Is it worth it?
It really depends on where you want to attach it.
Generally speaking, Ghost Ammo is only worth it on 12.7mm for the GAU/Vulcan, 7.5mm for the M60 and on grenades; that's if it's your first ghost ammo.
It is not worth it to buy .50 for K-50M since you can easily get a M60/GAU/Vulcan instead; a GAU/Vulcan without GA is a lot better than K-50M with GA.
Shotgun GA is also not worthy because shotguns are bullet-effective themselves and you generally loot more than you use; only buy it if it's your second GA or you are an AA-12 lover.
The main point of this extra service is giving you more free inventory space to hold more items.
Note that Ghost Ammo will repay it's price in about 3 months, then it will be free ammo.

Buying a stat reset seems inevitable sooner or later for most players; even you have chosen a perfect build from this guide you might get a GAU later and want to switch build to equip it, or you'll simply want to switch to pvp builds.
It comes at the cost of 200 credits (100 if you are GM); i strongly recommend not buying it for 200 but instead just get a Gold Membership because you get 200 free credits and you can reset right away.
Note that the reset is not refundable; pay attention to where you put stats and be sure to get the right advice on here before having a reset, because once you have put stats and pressed "done", it's done.

Surgeon is a pretty much aestethic change, and thus quite useless on its own.
Though some players might want this if they have spare cash; it costs 200 credits (100 for GMs).

In addition to the cosmetic changes, this is the only way to change your class.
This might come out useful if you have chosen a bad class but you are already too high level to restart.
You can also use a trick; choose a Roleplay class, win TS or simply level up very fast and then switch to Soldier/Athlete for stats; keep in mind this process will cost a lot, though.
It costs 1000 credits (800 for GMs).

The GAU-19 is the best weapon in the game and it could only be bought in the credit shop (it cannot be looted!) for 12,000 credits (11,000 for GMs).
Now it has been removed so it is officially unobtainable by any means beside trading with players.
As you can see in the description the GAU deals 13x3 damage. This means they GAU will shoot 3 bullets for every bullet shot and each will deal 13 damage.
Basically you are shooting 36 bullets per second, which gives this weapon the greatest knockback and crowd control in the game.
The damage per second is huge too, 477 (dps is halved in PvP).
Note that its accuracy is also the worst in the game; even at 124 accuracy its bullets will still spread.
This is not a bad thing though; spreading allows to hold crowds better.

AdminPwn released a new tier of gear in the credit shop that requires 105 or 110 proficiency.
These items are much more powerful than the lvl 100 weapons and all have different features, listed below.
Note: All of these weapons are also lootable, according to Admin.


Named after my old GAU, the Vulcan has the best knockback and control ability of all the available weapons, able to hold a whole cone of special zombies effortlessly and dealing a solid 238 damage per second.
It's the best weapon a survivor can ever get, if he's not able to find someone willing to sell him a GAU.


The AA-12 has the firing speed of the Usas-12, but a lot more knockback and roughly 30% more damage.
It can hold back hordes quite reliably making it the best crowd control shotgun in the game.


A good upgrade of the XM25. The slightly faster firing speed gives it an overall better control compared to XM25, and a good 100 DPS bonus over it.
No reason not to get one if you are into Grenades.

577 Rex

The 12.7mm Rifle everyone's been asking for 3 years.
A solid 127 DPS at the rate of one shot per second. 
A single shot deals more than 150 damage.
Mostly a PvP tool, but also quite good for silent looting as you will need less shots to kill = less hearing range aggro.

475 Magnum

Basically a Deagle with 125 DPS, it's the strongest Pistol around and requires less shots to kill zombies compared to the Enforcer.
Sadly it retains the 100 critical requirement so not all builds can make an efficient usage of the Magnum.


Pretty much like a Dusk Kris, swings faster than the common very slow blades and blunts, allowing you to kill minor zombies much faster.
The shorter reach creates an obvious risk, though.


The Nodachi is pretty much like the Dusk Razor; very slow but extremely hard punch with high knockback potential.
If you are into BOOM-and-run type of weapons, this if your best friend.

Steel 090

A very improved chainsaw, with very high DPS for a melee weapon (151) and improved knockback.
It retains and upgrades the typical features of chainsaws, possibly giving a new hope to saw players.

Criss Victor

According to multiple users this weapon has more knockback (especially on crits) compared to K-50M and a solid 144 DPS; it's also able to hold back things quite reliably, for the joy of critical build lovers.
It's pretty much the best weapon for Critical build users beside the Dusk SMG.

It is important to know the common terminology used in Dead Frontier; most people will frequently use these words and even this guide contains them.

If you are unhappy with the current keys or you have some impairment which doesn't allow you to play comfortably, there is a software to change the keybinds when using DF.
You can find the software here.

Sometimes alts can be useful, but keep in mind that their usefullness is limited so don't rely on them too much.

Looting Alt
A looting alt is an alt you use for making money as a newbie, then as you grow up you won't need it anymore since you'll be able to loot DR effectively with your main.

All you need is:
- 2 pen knives or baseball bats and a Sabre: it's important for all of them to have
minimum +6 critical
- A sports armor with a minimum of 18/18 stats
- A lvl 16 Athlete with 60 base critical and 90 base agility
This should cost about 20k in total, not much.

This character is basically a very cheap DR looter.
All you have to do is taking barricading material and a hammer, then go in DR
(or deep longarm zone if unconfident) and loot.
To loot, search every corpse on the street then loot the buildings (try to skip multi-floor buildings or tight buildings), then go to the next
street and do the same.
If aggro gets high just change screen/go inventory/map etc.

Keep in mind, this is not even 1/100 as effective as looting with a proper character,
but only for newbies to gather some money.

Selling Alt
It's good to have a selling alt of about lvl 20 to sell your stuff at outpost so you can trade him everything and go back in the city with your main/looting alt.

Money-making Alt
Doctors and Engineers are the best money makers of DF, you just need to level them to 45 and put their services on, feeding them constantly, and get a good income of money.

Production alts can do this as well, but they make a lot less money.

The current GM benefits are the following:

Many players wonder if getting a GM is worth it and how exactly the "Massively increased loot rates" statement actually works in the game.

Here is how GM benefits you:
  • GMs find roughly 1.5x as many items as normal players; for example, if a normal player finds 2 items in an area, a GM will find three.
  • GMs find cash and ammo in quantites around 2x as high as normal players; this is probably the most important trait, GMs can really get 300 12.7mm or $800 on a single object.
  • The chance of a GM finding a weapon or armour is 1.5x higher than a normal player; if for each item found a normal player has a 2% chance of it being a weapon/armor, a GM will have a 3% chance of it being a weapon/armor.

Note that non-GMs have a different loot table: they can still get level 30 items even in endgame, and no report of lvl 100 weapon looting has been posted by a non-GM.
If you want to loot, you want a Gold Membership.

As you can see from the tests here and here, Chrome is absolutely the fastest browser, especially faster for Javascript which relates to DF more than usual browsing.
Safari is the second fastest (it's pretty much a Chrome clone to be honest), and then we have Firefox.
Some people use MaxThon2 as well, but we have no data to prove its speed.

AdminPwn also suggests Chrome:
"I would actually recommend chrome over any other browser at the moment."

This section will contain all of the miscellaneous tips unrelated to the other parts
of the guide that come in my mind everyday.

  • When killing zombies, prioritize faster ones such as Tendrils and Spiders.

  • Dead Frontier is full of people spreading bullshit. No matter how hard they try to tell you it's a "speculation that might be true", nothing that's been speculated has ever found any official support; actually all speculations have been officially dismantled.
    A simple rule: Do not be gullible.

  • Using Shift+L makes you perform a so-called "Safe Logout", which should supposedly save all the informations such as loots and experience

  • When killing zombies, prioritize faster ones such as Tendrils and Spiders.

  • If you have a melee weapon, learn to use that before it's really needed to switch to guns, it generally makes you better at dodging

  • When you get beggars in PM asking for stuff, it's simply best to ignore them.
    I've tried to both talk with them and help them but in the great majority of the cases (98 people over 100+ attempts for me) your goodness won't be rewarded because most times they either quit after a while or keep doing mistakes and not listen to anyone just to be poor again shortly after

  • Do not make build/weapon plans for your character that include access to elite shop, try to be concrete and make a plan including what you're sure you can achieve.
    Using Pistols instead of Rifles because you want the Enforcer is a bad idea because you could never get to win Elite Shop and be stuck with 20 points wasted.

  • Not all old, geared or high level players are skilled, experienced, or acknowledged.
    Some player obtain levels and high-end gear with real money and some others have made fanboys with sorts of propaganda, so they are not players you should listen to when planning, researching or simply asking questions.
    I personally received many complaints from player who "listened to that guy" and now are screwed and need my help.
    While i feel sorry for them, i also feel that you kind of deserved it for being gullible.

  • Accepting "trades" is, most times, unworthy.
    Even if the items that player is giving you for your item are worth more all together than the item you have, one of more of those items could be hard to sell or unwanted so you'll have to waste a lot of time while you could simply have sold the item for money.
    In the rare occasions you get a good trade, always ask his items first.
    If he doesn't accept then by any means decline his trade.